Wellness Initiative

Study after study has shown the benefits of walking in nature. Even The New York Times highlighted this and the physical effects on your brain from just spending some time (even 30 minutes) in nature. Walking can help relieve stress, lower levels of depression and improve physical fitness and overall health.

But I know that sometimes (especially when the weather is not ideal), getting up and out of the house can be challenge enough. As an add-on to your coaching and/or psychotherapy sessions, I offer this non-traditional service to improve health and wellness (both physical and mental). We will meet at the entrance of Fountain Park near the softball fields, and will, quite literally, take a walk in the park. We will walk the 2 mile Wellston Trail. Clearly, confidentiality cannot be 100% ensured in a public setting but the time walking can be spent, at your discretion, as you would spend your typical coaching or psychotherapy session.

All walks take place in the morning/daytime hours; available days and times are based on therapist’s availability and may change weekly. Active sessions require one in-office intake session. Intake session and outside sessions can both be scheduled online.